Medications from Canada

Are medications from Canada a solution for you? At this blog post we evaluate if medicines from Canada can improve your health at much lower cost.

Let’s go step by step.

Why do you need medicines from Canada?

Well you don’t need, let’s start with that! However if you are not a millionaire or as rich as Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, there is a big chance because of the high drug prices, you are not able to afford the medications you need OR you are struggling to pay the drugs. This may be a sign that you need medicines from Canada, as the prices are much lower, especially when you avoid to drive there yourself, but use a Canadian Online Pharmacy instead.

Where to buy medications in Canada?

Well you could drive to a Canadian Pharmacy close to a border town. Some people living close to the border with Canada or Mexico do this. However then you need to be lucky to live close to the border and still pass the border and hope they have your drug ( prescription or OTC ). Much smarter and more like the 21st century is an online solution like an online pharmacy as you will benefit from 24/7 availability, no transport costs and no time wasted. You simply order online and let the shipping process do all the rest. Now you only need to find a trusted online pharmacy from Canada, which may sounds easy, however we know from our own experience of more than 5 years it is not, really not. However we are happy to share with you our preferred online pharmacy. Why? Simply because share is care and only together we stay strong against the ‘big pharma’ and evil lobby groups.

What is the prices difference?

Well that depends from the country you are living in. But let’s assume you are living in the United States, the country with the highest drug prices around the world, then there are big savings ahead of you!

For example, if you may use Cialis, then you could save 25 USD per tablet. Assuming you order 30 tablets at once, you may save a whopping 750 USD! With other medication these difference are similar.


You are crazy if you are not considering to order medications from Canada, because of the huge savings and the possibilities which the 21st century are offering to us. Forget Amazon, Alibaba and other online shopping providers for meds, but use an Canadian Online Pharmacy in business for many years and tested by us, an honest couple from Arkansas as we tried this online medstore for more than 5 years ourselves with 100% satisfaction.

International Online Pharmacy

International Online Pharmacy

An International Online Pharmacy is an online pharmacy which ships worldwide. Here we discuss the best online pharmacy with free shipping worldwide!

Canadian Pharmacy
Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian mail order pharmacy

Pharmacy XL is a truly international online pharmacy as the ship worldwide and with FREE SHIPPING. On top of that they offer various payment methods and can service you in several international currencies and their customer service speaks several languages.

Concluding: It is an Canadian Pharmacy with quality medicines, but with a truly global scope and with its Free Shipping Worldwide you can make big savings!

Best Online Canadian Pharmacy

What is the Best Online Canadian Pharmacy?

In our opinion it can be only 1 winner for Best Canadian Pharmacy and that is Pharmacy XL as they are winning on 3 fronts.

  1. Best Customer Service
  2. Cheapest Prices for all range of health products
  3. Free Shipping Worldwide

Canadian Pharmacies

Of course there are other online Canadian pharmacies out there and they are not bad. However they don’t offer the value package of PharmacyXL!